How to buy

Send offer

On flex you may send a offer or you may purchase instantly from the lowest sellers price


Never get fake

All seller accounts are closely evaluated by our security team in hopes to stop scammers from trying to sell replica/counterfeit goods  .In addition all products are verified by a combination of machine learning AI technology and in hand expert authentication to ensure that all items are as described and Authentic. 


Buy used item

If you would like to buy a used item click the used section at the top . You will be able to buy a used item


Never overpay

Never overpay with flex you buy products at today’s market value


How to sell

Sell the item

Place a ask you would like to sell the item for or sell to the highest bid Instantly. The only visible price for the buyer will be the lowest sellers price.


upload photos

To sell a used item press the used section at the top and upload photos of your item and select the condition of the item. After that, your listing will be posted to the public.


Email notification

Once you sold your item you will receive an email with a pre-paid shipping print it and ship the item to us for authentication we will send the buyer the package


release your funds

We will release your funds the same day we receive the item.

Secure Payment
100 % authentic guarantee
24/7 Customer Care